Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Back!

Okay who missed me? I'll take that silence as everyone. Well I missed yall too. I hope everyone had a lovely Xmas!

I really had to write up a storm the last couple of weeks. And while it might not be that much for a studious student, it was a hell of a lot for my lazy butt. Hah. (For the record it was about 12k words.)

Anyway, I finished everything just a couple of days ago and I'm looking forward to reading a good book or two, and watching a great NFL game or three. But I also have to deal with Law School applications. I'll be completing them ASAP.

Speaking of books, I've always been interested in learning more about graphic novels. It seems two of the powerhouses in the graphic novel venue are authors Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. I've picked up two of the most celebrated graphic novels, Watchmen (by Moore) and The Sandman Series(by Gaiman). I've started Watchmen and I must say it is very interesting, compelling, engaging stuff. As a young'n I dabbled in superhero comic books, so it is refreshing to read Moore's noirish, deconstructed take on the superhero. That being said, Watchmen seems to be simply wonderful, top notch fiction, not something solely for comic book fans. I'll post a book review once I've completed it.

I know that Ffleur is a big graphic novel fan and expert, and she posts reviews of what she's reading from time to time. If anyone else is into graphic novels please comment or post a favorite of yours or something.

Anyway, continued Happy Holidays everyone! I understand everyone must be gearing up for New Year's Eve! Have a great one and stay safe folks! (designate a driver, call a taxi, or a sober friend, no matter how late!)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still AWOL

So I thought I'd quickly post something. It has been 14 days of no blogging whatsoever. I didn't think I would make it. Actually, the plan was no blogging until the semester ended on the 22nd. So I guess I sorta didn't make it. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm going back into blog hibernation. I still have another paper and a take-home exam to deal with. And then I'll return to finishing my original paper. If anyone wants to handle one of these papers for me, that would be swell. Plus I can pay you. Like 5 bucks.

But I'd like to leave you with two of the greatest songs in the history of the universe. Or something like that. The first is "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor.

The second is "One Step Closer To You" by Michael Franti featuring, of all people, Pink. To hear this song head on over to Franti's myspace page and wait for the myspace player to load it.

And just in case I'm tied up or praying to the term paper Gods, I'd like to wish everyone a very special Xmas and a merry New Year's! And designate a driver and stay safe folks! Happy Holidays!